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New Video by Vanny Vabiola: ‘Wait For Me’

today8 November 2023 21 1

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Official Video for “Wait For Me” by Vanny Vabiola.

  • Artist : Vanny Vabiola
  • Titel : Wait For Me
  • Song & Lyric : Vanny Vabiola / Decky Ryan
  • Arranger : Decky Ryan Mixing Mastering : Decky Ryan
  • Video : Doddy Alexa

We are thrilled to present the latest music video from the talented Indonesian artist Vanny Vabiola.

The title that has enchanted us all is “Wait For Me.”

Vanny Vabiola, known for her enchanting voice and magnetic charm, continues to capture the hearts of her fans with her unique musical performances. “Wait For Me” is no exception. This song is a mesmerizing melody that perfectly combines Vanny’s sweet vocals with emotional lyrics, taking listeners on a musical journey filled with passion and emotion.

We invite you to watch this incredible video and let yourself be carried away by Vanny Vabiola’s authentic art. Don’t forget to share this experience with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comments. “Wait For Me” is a song that will resonate in your minds for a long time.

We hope you enjoy this exceptional musical work as much as we do.
Stay tuned for more incredible music from Vanny Vabiola, as this artist continues to dazzle us with her unique talent.


This morning is not like it was before
When you woke me up with a beautiful smile
We were having a cup of tea
And we were always laughing together.

And now I’m shocked
That it happened so fast
I couldn’t accept this fact
You have gone forever.

It’s so hard to live alone
I have to do everything without you
I believe I can do it
Wait for me in the next life.

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