We Love Slow Music Life Radio Attitude

Listen to the best cult slows and romantic hits from yesterday to today. Musical ballads, RnB, smooth Jazz, a little lounge music and many others.

Slowly Radio, your 100% musical digital radio. No blah blah, no advertising, only music, soft !

Listen to us on this site, download our free application for smartphones and tablets, on your player (vlc, winamp, ..) or via various Internet radio directories and on certain smart tv.

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Home | Slowly Radio

Listen To Slowly Radio Wherever You Are !

Download, install the new Slowly Radio application for Android or Iphone and listen for free without limits and without ads!

Listen in your favorite player..

To listen to Slowly Radio in your favorite player (Vlc, Winamp, …)

click on the icon to download the corresponding file

Listen from the url direct..

You can copy the following url: http://stream.slowlyradio.com

Paste in your drive. You will be sure to be able to listen to us.

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