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How To Listen To Slowly Radio ?

Listening to Slowly Radio live on pc is compatible with all operating systems (Mac, Windows or Linux). For tablets and smartphones, it is compatible with Android and iOS. You can listen to us directly on your PC, through our application, on your player, on television, or even through multi-radio directories.

From our apps

More and more people are using the internet on the go through their smartphones or tablets. The best way to listen to us is by installing our application on your Android or iPhone (iOS) device and enjoy free, unlimited, and ad-free listening worldwide!

We recommend using our applications to listen to us

Download and install the new application for Android or iOS (iPhone). You will find our music programming, as well as the playlist and other convenient features like sleep timer or alarm clock.

Hear us on the website

Slowly Radio is very easy to listen to from its website, both on a computer and a smartphone.
You can listen to our music programming with just one click, without interruption. Next to the menu at the top of the page (on the right), you will find a “Listen” button, and at the bottom of the pages, a Play button (on the left). The music will not stop even if you navigate to other pages.
Another interesting button is also located at the top right, it is the “Open Player” button. By clicking on this button, you open a new window with an independent player. The advantage is that when you leave the Slowly Radio website, the Player will still be active in that other window.

Our your player

There are many Mp3 players available, and the ones shown below are the ones that seem to work the best. Get one of the media players below. Be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully :

The highest quality of our streams is MP3 192k (HD) and AAC 48 kbps*. Then, we have 128k of good intermediate quality. We recommend 48k AAC if you want to consume less data while still enjoying good quality.

You can directly copy the URL below and paste it into your player or browser (HD 192k format) 

Download the file of your choice

WINAMP [ .pls ]

How to listen to Slowly Radio

* Thanks to a better audio encoding method, AAC provides better sound quality despite lower bandwidth

Copy/paste the link into your player

  • 192  Kbps Mp3
  • 48 Kbps AAC *
  • 128 Kbps Mp3

Via Sonos speakers

Slowly Radio can be listened to through Sonos connected speakers using the integrated Radio by Tunein application. For more information on the setup, click here

On your television

You can listen to Slowly Radio on most recent televisions through installed applications such as Radioline, TuneIn, My Tuner.

Simply perform a search by typing “Slowly Radio.”

Directories & other applications

You can also listen to Slowly Radio through other directories like the ones listed below :

or multi-radio applications. Here are a few examples, but you can find many more on the internet…

Listen to Slowly Radio from our broadcaster : Radioking

This alternative resource is ideal in case of technical issues on our website or application. Feel free to join us on 

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