Sara I love my hubby intiqab ptipaps merci à l'homme des bois pour la découverte ;) LittleMimi À ma mamie adorée : je sais que tu adores les chansons rétro, alors j'ai pensé à toi en entendant celle-ci sur Slowly Radio. Écoute "I Will Always Love You" de Whitney Houston, je suis sûr que tu vas te régaler !

Slowly Radio AAC

AAC (48 Kbps)

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SLOWLY RADIO AAC* is for listeners who want to listen to soft music, everywhere!

Slowly Radio offers you a “cool” adult music format that appeals to all generations.

A large place is made for the 80s, 90s and 2000s with some good oldies (60’s, 70’s), but the particularity of Slowly Radio is the also broadcasting of today’s hits.

Smooth Jazz, Lounge, Rnb Lover, Pop Love, soul and many other music will caress your ears…

Slowly Radio also offers you pop ballads, always in the “SlowLife” philosophy.

In summary, you won’t have headaches listening to slowly radio, why? Because we like slow music.


Slowly Radio – We Love Slow Music!

*Slowly Radio AAC (48 Kbps) allows you to listen to the sound in very good quality but using less data !