All In – Carmen (Matheus): An Electro Love Declaration in Images

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In this video, we present “Matheus” and the music video “All In – Carmen.”

Discover the captivating universe of Matheus, a 29-year-old singer-songwriter from Côtes-d’Armor, residing in Brittany. Matheus, operating from his small home studio, is recognized for his complete independence, from creation to realization.

Synopsis of the “All In” Clip: “All In” is more than just a song; it’s a captivating declaration of love where Matheus lays bare his feelings, as if laying all his cards on the table. The video, entirely filmed, directed, and edited by Benjamin Le Carpentier, immerses us in Carmen’s dream, embodied by Mat Carmen, with the participation of Adina Doubroff as the female character. Visit Benjamin Le Carpentier’s website to learn more about his exceptional work:

Introduction to the “Matheus” Album: Matheus presents his very first album, a bold work consisting of 4 exceptional tracks:

  1. “Running After” (Electro Pop, Tropique House, World Music): Explore the alienation of our society in a frenzied capitalism and confinement in routine. Considered the most radio-friendly, this track offers a profound reflection on our daily lives.
  2. “Must Be” (Electro Pop Rock): The most “rock” of the EP, this song addresses the power dynamics between the harasser and the harassed, denouncing harassment that persists in our daily lives. The main idea is that the harasser’s behavior often stems from deep-seated distress, having been a victim of harassment initially.
  3. “All In” (Balade Pop, Orchestral): Presented in the video above, this track is a captivating love declaration with pop ballad and orchestrated arrangements.
  4. “Angel” (Electro Pop, House): Immerse yourself in the story of a man with a tormented destiny who, after an enlightenment, travels through time to find his soulmate. This instrumental piece offers a unique experience in electro pop and house.

Artistic Evolution towards French Chanson: Matheus informs us that he has chosen the new stage name “Matheus” and is now exploring a style dedicated to French chanson, still rooted in electro. His compositions stand out with poetic and committed lyrics, offering a musical experience rich in emotions.

Explore the musical diversity of Matheus, a committed artist exploring social themes through an eclectic fusion of genres. Stay tuned to Slowly Radio for the latest creations and talents of Matheus.


Follow Matheus:


Clip Production Team:

  • Director: Benjamin Le Carpentier
  • Stage Manager: Maël Le Coz
  • Male Character: Mat Carmen
  • Female Character: Adina Doubroff


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