Singer Sia Opens Up About Her Journey of Truth and Healing

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Sia, the acclaimed artist known for her powerful voice and emotional compositions, has recently shared a deeply personal chapter of her life. In an exclusive interview on the latest episode of the American podcast "Rob Has a Podcat," she chose to open up about an aspect of herself that has long been kept secret.

Sia performing photograph by Kris Krug

With courage and honesty, Sia revealed that she is a person on the autism spectrum, shedding light on this topic for the first time publicly. She explained that this diagnosis is relatively recent and has brought new understanding to her life and identity. For many years, Sia felt the need to don a “human costume” to fit into society, but the past two years have been a period of transformation and self-acceptance.

Emotionally, Sia expressed her relief in finally knowing her neurodiversity, emphasizing the importance of not having to live in secrecy and shame. She shared her feeling of finally being seen and loved for who she truly is, marking a major turning point in her life.

Sia’s revelation also highlights the challenges that autistic individuals face in society. Two years ago, she faced criticism for her film “Music,” in which she chose dancer Maddie Ziegler to portray a nonverbal autistic girl. The controversy shed light on the need for more realistic and inclusive representation of autism in the media.

In this new phase of her life, Sia hopes to raise further awareness about autism and encourage better understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity. She aspires to create a world where no one feels compelled to hide their true identity and where everyone can be loved and respected for who they are.

Sia’s revelation marks a turning point in her career and personal life, showing the world that the pursuit of truth and healing is a courageous and inspiring journey. Her story encourages everyone to embrace their own authenticity and work towards creating a more inclusive and compassionate world.

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